Saturday, February 13, 2010

PEN PARENTIS CONTEST - To enter, must be parent of a child under 10


Contest open to parents. Entrants must be the parent of at least one child under 10 yrs old. While we accept submissions from anywhere, contestants are advised that there is no travel budget. All contestants must be responsible for their own transportation costs to the reading location in Manhattan. Accepting entriesfrom March 1 through April 17, 2010. Looking for fiction shortsnot to exceed 1,200 words.

One winning author will be showcased for one year on our website as the “Pen Parentis Writing Fellow,” a new emergent author worthy of notice. The Fellow will receive a public showcase of the winning new work in a stunning literary location in New York City, paired with an established author who may function as inspiration and guide. Winner also receives $1,000, presented at the Pen Parentis Literary Salon on September 14, 2010. Pen Parentis encourages, but does not require, attendance to subsequent readings at the Libertine Library in order to 1) be introduced to other authors and 2) network with prospective editors, agents, and readers. Finally, Pen Parentis will feature the winner on our website for one year, updating his/her accomplishments to the community, and will link to their author website, if any, and will promote the author when he/she attends regular Pen Parentis author salon events.

THE SPONSOR - Pen Parentis is a new, New York-based organization that provides resources to authors who are parents. The organization’s goals include a writing contest for new parents, grants for child-care, and ultimately, a writing center that partners with groups that provide drop-off children’s programming.

NOTE: Love the premise of this program. From the online pics, wish I could participate in this NY venue. But I'm in SC and my kids are in their twenties. Sigh. Very cool. Hope they stick around.

DOUBLE NOTE: It's like running uphill writing a novel's first draft. SOOOO tiring. I much prefer editing what I've already done. This phase of the process wears me out.

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Kristine said...

I've got to say a big thank you, Hope, for always finding these really cool things. You are a regular, steady voice, and so many of us appreciate it. P.S. I like the writing way more than the editing and revising of the novel I'm working on. I've written the entire first draft--and THIS is the part where it's hard--now what? :)