Monday, December 05, 2011

Blog - Twitter - Facebook - Email - in that order

Okay, I'm addicted, but I prefer to call it a professional habit. Everyday I feel the need to Tweet, blog and Facebook. It fits into my schedule now, like brushing my teeth. And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. Especially since I'm still writing as much or more than I ever did before.

A lot of my best material goes into these venues. Most of you follow FundsforWriters primarily via newsletter, others through the website. However, most of my thoughts and guidance are channeled via social media and never see the newsletter audience.

Why? Because social media is at my fingertips. It's real-time. It's immediate. You understand that as a writer. You have revelations and reach for a notebook. Only now, your notebook can be that electronic notebook on your desk, or in that case in your car.

It's also on your phone. I just purchased a smartphone and can tweet, check email, and Facebook on my phone.

So, when I'm reading email and run across an idea that sparks a remarkable thought, I open up some media tool and start pounding away on the keys. It's instant, and the muse gets captured way more than she flits away these days. Talk about fulfillment!

My schedule consists of five blogs per week, Monday through Friday. If I have great motivational ideas, they take priority. But if I find a juicy contest or grant, I find room for it, too. But five days a week, my blog covers territory you don't  experience in the newsletters.

Twitter is my baby. I've learned so much information, obtained so many markets, and connected with so many professionals via that tool. Each night I contribute to Twitter in my own way, regurgitating some gem of wisdom I found or coming up with quotes of my own. I've attended conferences simply through the tweets of others sitting in the room as a speaker presents. I hope to attend my next conference and Tweet in real-time
to my own readers.

To date, I have 3500 on Facebook and 3400 on Twitter. Those folks are conversing with me, and we are having a ball discovering what works and what doesn't in this ridiculous business we've embraced called writing. I learn, they learn, and we are supportive of each other.

I can't learn fast enough. It's rejuvenating and empowering. And on top of everything, I can't wait to promote my book on social media. I consider most of these people real friends, because the conversation is two-way.

I adore my newsletters, but I also adore my followers. Social media enables me to reach out and touch them. And that is a remarkable thrill. Come join me.


TWITTER -  or @hopeclark



Unknown said...

I follow Facebook on a regular basis, but have not been as faithful to Twitter. I vow to do more with Twitter per your recommendation. Thanks for all your help in Newsletters, Blot, FB and Twitter - Mary Ellen

Carol J. Alexander said...

And your followers adore you, too, Hope. :)

April Byrd said...

It's cool Hope! Mine is Blog-Facebook-Twitter-E-mail :) Much love to you!!

jordan clary said...

I just came and re-read this post and you've inspired me to try Twitter again. I love blogs, Facebook and social media, but Twitter has baffled me for some reason. I guess I just don't tweet well! Thanks for the insights.