Monday, September 06, 2010

The World's Biggest Short Story Award

The Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award 2011- the world’s biggest short story award. The award honors short story writers in the UK and Ireland. Open to authors with a previous record of publication in creative writing. Entries may be previously unpublished, or first published or scheduled for publication after January 1, 2010. All entries must be under 6,000 words. The winning author receives £30,000 and the five runners-up £500. The winner will be announced at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival in April 2011. Deadline October 30, 2010.

NOTE: A lot of you don't live in the UK or Ireland, but this goes to show that the short story still lives. In the FundsforWriters newsletters, we strive to show you where to submit your shorts that you so dearly love. So keep writing them, and watch each Friday as I drop the newsletters in your email box, because I'll attempt to give you something to encourage you to submit . . . and keep writing.

DOUBLE NOTE: Have two chickens in a kennel in the garage, all healed up from the dog attack a couple months ago. They've become quite tame. But since the other chickcens won't take them back, I used that as an excuse to add on to our Coop #2. I've having a nice time in this weather putting hammer and electric saw to good use. Everyone needs a good solid project now and then. All forms of creativity are rejuvenating.


C Ann said...

Isn't it amazing on how physical activities replenish one's muse?


T. Powell Coltrin said...

I love love love writing shorts. I think they fit my ADHD quite well. Thanks for all the contests and markets.