Thursday, August 05, 2010

Past Loves Day Contest
To foster awareness of PAST LOVES DAY, SEPTEMBER 17, Spruce Mountain Press sponsors an annual Story Contest. The Contest, and the Day, offer an opportunity to acknowledge a truth that lingers in your heart. Nearly everyone has memories of a former sweetheart. Write your true story of an earlier love, in no more than 700 words. First Prize: $100. Second Prize: $75. Third Prize: $50. Winning stories will be posted (anonymously, if requested by author) on this website. Some stories may also be selected for inclusion in an upcoming anthology, to be published by Spruce Mountain Press. Deadline August 17, 2010.

NOTE: Hmmm, this could be a fun writing exercise. Only 700 words, and on a topic most people can relate to. I remember my first date . . . age 15. I remember my first husband . . . never mind.

DOUBLE NOTE: In spite of pending relatives for a big shin-dig this weekend at my house (my baby child is graduating college - thank goodness!), I'm striving to write, to keep up, to make sure I don't forget to feed my creative soul. Heaven knows I need the release.


BECKY said...

Very Intriguing...I love your last line...about your first husband! :D

Stephanie said...

Thank you!! I write a piece last year but when I tried to submit it, the email bounced back. I'd tried again..same thing. Fingers crossed for this year's entry!

Green Monkey said...

I wrote one early in the summer. Not to sound simple, but where would I send this submission.

Green Monkey said...

never mind... I swallowed more coffee and a bright light came on. got it! silly, monkey, me