Monday, August 02, 2010

Become a Lennon Poet

Liverpool Lennon Poet Contest

Performance Poet:

Can you not only write, but perform a poem at our Poetry Slam that celebrates the life of John Lennon? The Beatles Story is looking for a Performance Poet worthy to receive the prestigious title of Liverpool Lennon Performance Poet 2010. Deadline: September 10, 2010. Poetry slam: November 6, 2010. Entries to: . Prizes: 1st £1000, 2nd £250, 3rd £100. No entry fee

Paper Poet:
Whether you live in Liverpool, Australia or the North Pole everyone can enter the Paper Poet competition. Capture our judge's imaginations, by writing a poem of up to 40 lines about the life of John Lennon.  Deadline: September 10, 2010. Finalists announced by Friday, October 8, 2010. Winner announced: Saturday, November 6 (at the Performance Poet event). Entries to:
Prizes: 1st £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £25. No entry fee

No entry fee, y'all. Also, you don't have to be in the UK on November 6 for the Paper Poet category. Who hasn't been affected by John Lennon? Everyone has a favorite song of his, and some of us remember when he first became famous in the 60s. (Gasp, did I just say that?)

I'm beginning to feel that publishing has turned into politics. All squabble and no common sense. Self-pub or traditional? Ebooks or paper? Agent or no agent? Kindle or Nook or any of a dozen others? Ever feel like it's no longer about the writing?

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Anne Eston said...

Double thumbs up on your Double Note . . . what ever happened to our passion for words vs. how many of them we can download into our devices? I will be buying (and reading!) print books until there's not one left on the planet.