Monday, June 07, 2010

Elizabeth George Foundation for Unpublished Fiction Writers

We offer financial support to unpublished and emerging writers for a period not to exceed a year; we offer scholarships for students to attend accredited MFA programs in creative writing; we support writing research; we offer funding to allow unpublished and emerging writers to attend writers’ retreats and conferences. The Foundation also makes grants to organizations offering services to disadvantaged youth in the areas of health, education, and creative writing. While the Foundation makes grants to support emerging playwrights, the Foundation does not make grants to theatrical groups seeking support for a production.

Elizabeth George is an author, so she understands. This is a very cool grant, but as a result, it will be competitive. If you are unpublished and struggling to be published, this is a potential opportunity. There is a $25 application fee. Deadline November 1, 2010. Take your time with it, and make sure you land good letters of recommendation that are pertinent to what you are writing, and make sure you are careful and detailed with the budget.

Wish there were more grants like this!


Karen Lange said...

Thank you:)

Anna Fani said...

Thanks for this. Is it OK for international writers to apply? It doesn't really specify this.

Hope Clark said...

The site doesn't say, does it. I could find no phone number either. The best I can suggest is to either apply and see, or write them and hope they reply in time.