Thursday, April 08, 2010

Work for the Forestry Service as a Writer

WRITER-EDITOR - Federal employment.

30 locations throughout the US.
Deadline February 28, 2011. NOTE: That's the year 2011. These positions are with the Forestry Service. These people write and edit materials for content, such as reports, regulations, news, newsletters, magazines, news releases, training materials, brochures, interpretive handbooks, pamphlets, guidebooks, scholarly works, reference works, speeches, or scripts. The work requires the development, analysis, and selection of appropriate information and presentation of the information in a form and at a level suitable for the intended

These are full-time, permanent positions paying $47,448 - $61,678 USD /year. The ranking is GS-09. Don't let all that scare you. I was a personnel director for nine years. You  need to have a graduate degree if you have no experience, or you can substitute your experience as a writer. You must prove you have two solid years at a level close to what this position requires, so read the fine print.

Apply On-Line at . This online application process allows applicants to submit employment information that can be printed for personal use and saved and/or edited on the website for future use.

Excellent benefits. Annual and sick leave. Superb healthcare, life insurance, long-term care insurance, retirement, savings plans, flexible work schedule, training and development opportunities, family/worklife program, etc.

NOTE: Federal employment is about as stable as it gets. You may have one of these positions near you, or better yet, consider one in a new location to see the country.

DOUBLE NOTE: I'm a firm believer in writers having a day job, FT or PT. Not only does it pay the bills and offer benefits, but it opens their eyes to the world and its everyday occurrences, providing fodder for all writing, from fiction to nonfiction.


allena said...

This posting caught my eye, and full time jobs rarely do, but then I realized I'm gonna make just as much in 30 hours per week freelancing. :) Go freelance! oh, well, there's the insurance though!

Hope Clark said...

Ah, but there's the retirement, the paid vacations (4-8 hours every two weeks), the paid sick leave (4 hours every two weeks), and health and life insurance that's extremely hard to beat. I freelance too, but I'm tickled pink to know I don't rely upon it for my retirement and health insurance.

Parental Revelations said...

Hope that you so much for this post. I work full time and I am looking for a position that will allow me to do what I am passionate about which is writing as well as offer me benefits. However, I am a little concerned with me being 6 classes away from my masters and my current job title not being writer but me doing writers work such as flyers, letters, etc. And in previous jobs creating job manuals and training material from scratch. I am also co-authoring a book this summer and I have started back on my blog (trying to be consistant). If I have any questions, can I ask you?

Hope Clark said...

Sure you can ask me. This is a GS-9 position. Not a beginner, but not advanced either. Make sure you state everything you've done in the writing arena. When it comes to the job you had before, emphasize the writing and lessen the other duties in your write-up.

allena said...

vacation! whats that? and you are correct. interesting job. not many nag at me like this one is.