Friday, April 09, 2010

Garden Verse Poetry Awards - Deadline Extended to May 3, 2010
April is National Poetry Month and to help you celebrate Horticulture Magazine has extended the contest deadline until May 3, 2010. Ignore the ads that say April 1. You have another month.

$20 entry fee. First Place: $250. Second Place: $100. Third Place: $50. The competition is open to poems 40 lines or fewer. All entries must be in English, original and unpublished.

The name and poem of the First Place winner will be printed in an upcoming issue of Horticulture magazine. The names and poem titles of all winners and honorable mentions will be posted on .

Their photography contest has a deadline of June 1, 2010. Don't miss that one either.

NOTE: When a deadline is extended, it's a good sign the sponsor/host is in need of more and better quality submissions. In this case, they probably forgot that April was National Poetry Month, and they wanted to capitalize on the hoopla around that recognition. Regardless, if you like to write garden-variety poetry, now's your chance. A clip in Horticulture Magazine is a good one, not to mention the prize money is respectable.

DOUBLE NOTE: Just trudged through six hours of Chapter Four. Six hours! I'll slit my throat if the other chapters do me this way.

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Anonymous said...

I'm concerned about the high cost of the entry fee for this contest in relation to the prize money. If I ever pay a $20 contest entry fee, it is usually for a book competition, where the prizes are typically $1000 or more -- AND you get your book published.

Other literary journals, which likely have far fewer subscribers than Horticulture Magazine, award top prizes of $1000 or more, plus publication, when they charge entry fees of $20 for a single poem or selection of poems (see New Letters, Indiana Review, Nimrod, etc.)

I'm not surprised Horticulture Magazine has had to extend the deadline. They are offering $400 total in prize money, which means they only need 20 entrants to break even.

Yes, Horticulture Magazine is a good publication to get a clip in, but it seems they should not need to charge such high entry fees for their contest.