Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A prize of $1,000 and publication in Sonora Review. Up to 1,000 words. Deadline June 1, 2010.

By “concentrated nonfiction” we mean a short essay of any variety under 1000 words, not limited to any specific type of essay. In fact, we encourage creativity that projects the malleability of the form. We also are willing to publish multimedia essays as long as the main force of the essay is through language (and it is short).

NOTE: You don't find many essay contests, much less "flash" essay. I adore reading a crisp, pointed, remarkable logical piece like this. They are hard to write and make them snap. If you enter, your entry fee gets you a copy of the Sonora Review.

DOUBLE NOTE: Dang it's hard to make myself write these novel chapters. I've been doing P90X exercising as well as tending the chickens and planting the garden, and I drop into bed now at night. I think the physical activity is sapping my brain!


Karen Lange said...

This sounds interesting. Thank you, Hope.

Ginger said...

Like you, Hope, I am exhausted from the miles I travel for work to the final editing of my first manuscript and trying to keep up with a blog. I've never been happier in my life!

I got my entry in for Sonora last night! Thanks for the continued postings of opportunities! I have a link to you from my blog, and I just reccommended you to Ron at Writer's Relief, as well as everyone I come in contact with at my MFA program at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre,PA! I love your site! You go girl! Ginger

Hope Clark said...

Much thanks for the kind words and for spreading the word, Ginger.