Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bottle Tree One Act Play Competition

Bottle Tree One Act Play Competition 2010

First Prize $1,000
Second Prize $250
Third Prize $100

Deadline November 30, 2010. $25 entry fee in Canadian or American dollars. Scripts can be emailed to . For postal delivery, scripts should be bound and mailed to Bottle Tree Productions at 445 Southwood Drive, Kingston, Ontario. K7M-5P8 A manuscript-sized SASE should be attached if the script needs to be returned.

Bottle Tree Productions is a theatre company actively working to produce high-quality shows and talent. They have over thirty years' worth of experience in all aspects of theatre, from costuming to directing to producing. They are the company in residence at The Wellington Street Theatre, in Kingston Ontario.

NOTE: What caught my eye on this one was last year's winner. 2009 First place - "American Blues" by Evan Guilford-Blake. Evan is a long-time FundsforWriters reader with a keen eye for play opportunities.

DOUBLE NOTE: Just bought a new book case for all the books stacking up on my floor (that didn't fit into the bookcase I already had stuffed). I feel like a kid with a new Christmas toy.


T. Powell Coltrin said...

If I could I would have wall to wall bookcases. I would.

thanks for the link.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the mention. The Bottle Tree people are really nice folks. The only caveat is they pay in Canadian dollars or, if you prefer, an equivalent sum in US$. That was about 10% less based on the exchange rate at the time. Still, it's a good return on the investment.

Evan Guilford-Blake