Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seduce to Sell

As I ran through my emails today, I noted an abundance of LinkedIn, infomercial and Facebook messages making the same mistake. "____ being released today. Click here to check it out."

One was a service, several were books, a few were new websites, possibly belonging to authors, but the common thread through them all was that they sold something and wanted me to buy it . . . without telling me much about what it was.

Sorry, if you want me to follow you, you need to sweet-talk me, and make me want you.

Like a John seeking a hooker, from a collection of hookers, I'm a customer who needs wooing and enticement. Even though I know you're trying to coax me, I still want you to go through the motions . . . and do it extremely well. Entice me. Become a Siren, calling the sailor in.

Sure, I know what you're doing. You're artfully attempting to get me to buy your book, service, etc., and I know that. But I want to play the game. I want you to tell me why you're so good, why your story is magnetic, why what you do for me will be memorable.

But to just ask me to hand you my money without dancing the dance is like a stranger coming up to you saying, "Hey, write me a check and I'll give you this." No personality, no friendliness, no customer service.

If you want me, you have to earn me. Make me want to read more of your story by showing me enough to suck me in. We all know that showing is better than telling, and if you don't even tell, you've lost from the outset.


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Barbara Bell said...

Love the analogy!! And, yes, you are right - nobody wants to feel sold to.