Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trusting in the Unknown

What is love after all but trusting in the unknown.

- Marty Rubin -


There's this man named Marty Rubin, who I've never heard of before, who writes aphorisms, a word I never knew before. But once I started reading some of his profound short snippets of wisdom, I became enamored with his wisdom and wit. He writes an Aphorism of the Day blog . . . only he writes it once a week. But the above example caught my eye. 



We can't love without trusting, and what is trust but believing in the unknown?

We write and submit because we love writing. To quit early, to decide it's not worth the trouble is like divorcing your writing. 


You have to fall in love with it and be willing to endure "thick or thin" and "for better or for worse" to make a difference with it. We don't know what the future holds for writing and us. We may never publish. We may  become a phenomenal success. The point is, does it matter the end result? Are you not in this regardless the outcome? 


That doesn't mean there's no need for divorce in many cases. You might not be "in love" with writing. You could be good friends with it, a strong acquaintance with it, but it might not be the focal point of your life. That's okay. There's no point living with it 24/7 if you aren't passionate about it and not willing to sacrifice to keep the relationship intense. 


Because years from now, it might be all you have left, seated in the rocker across from you. Will the memories of it, the pain from it, and the wonder of it be what sustains you into old age, knowing you made that life-long commitment and was glad it defined your life?


Diva Jefferson said...

Another great post, Hope. I always look forward to your words of wisdom. I will definitely visit Mr. Rubin's blog.

Never give up, ever.

-Diva J.

Karen@RunningWithKaren.com said...

So true! We have to trust in the unknown to make any real progress in anything in life.

Thanks for the reminder.