Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Live Interviews Can Be Serious Fun

Those who have followed me on FundsforWriters for a while, know that I shiver a little when it comes time to do a real-life interview or make a presentation. So when Austin Moss ask me to do a Skype interview for his podcast series "What the Glass Contains," I told him I wasn't very seasoned at this sort of thing.

Soon Austin had me working it like a pro, and we completed a lengthy but amazingly pleasant interview. Time just flew, and seeing Austin on the other end asking questions made the event elementary and fun. Here's our interview in case you missed it.

Then along came WorkStew, a unique site that's tastefully done in simplistic lines. Per their site, "The Work Stew podcast is a forum for frank talk about what people do for a living." The host Kate Gace Walton recently interviewed me and took the conversation into a completely different slant than normal. Again, we used Skype. It's a tad over 11 minutes long, so it's brief.

"In this episode (of WorkStew Podcasts) featuring author C. Hope Clark, I learned that the work Ms. Clark is doing these days—penning mysteries and mentoring other writers—follows a decades-long career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In fact, Ms. Clark managed to take the darkest days of her time as a government employee—when a bribery attempt turned her life upside down—and convert that ordeal into page-turning fiction."

The  next one was a ball as teenagers interviewed me. Express Yourself!™ is the #1 YA radio program in the world. My interview with them airs on August 14th at NOON PM Pacific. You can listen from your computer by going to http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2014/express-yourself .If you miss the live show, you can find my interview archived at http://www.starstyleradio.com or http://www.BTSYA.com
They are all about spreading positive messages. "Teens talk, the world listens on Express Yourself!™”

Finally, on August 30, I'll be truly tested as South Carolina Educational Television (SC ETV) arrives in two trucks to my house for a two-hour interview on film for reproduction into a series about the literary map of South Carolina. Designed for schools, particularly middle and high school, the series educates others from the mouths of real writers and authors. It should be on their KnowItAll page for schools and education groups, a site recognized and praised by the American Library Association. I'm ecstatic to represent my profession to my state. I feel like one of those chefs on a cooking show! When that comes to fruition, I'll let you know, but I'm awful glad that this event happens on the heels of many conferences, interviews and appearances, after I've had lots of practice.

One day I hope I can master how to put together a podcast. They are amazing to do and listen to. What do y'all think? Do you like Skype? Podcasts? Interviews you can see and hear?


Karen@RunningWithKaren.com said...

Wow! Those are quite a few interviews. I'd be nervous, but it sounds like you're handling it all like a pro.

Hope Clark said...

One at a time, Karen. Each is nerve wracking in its own right, but when you look back it's so satisfying.

widdershins said...

Definitely like the visuals. Podcasts allow me to do things with my hands while my ears and brain are otherwise engaged - like house-ly chores - heavens to murgatriod! What did you think I meant? One certainly can't multitask while doing 'that'! And one doesn't want to.

Janet Hartman said...

Congrats on the SC ETV interview. Sounds like you've hit the big time! ETV programs tend to get repeated periodically, if not saved with a link from a web site. It will continue to give you and your work exposure to a broader market than radio.

If you're still dog sitting when they do the shoot, try to move the dog someplace else during those hours. Once when I was the interviewer for an oral history project, the tape picked up a small dog barking at the other end of the house. At least mine was just a local project with no video.

I like video with the recording. I think I get a much better sense of who the auther is.

Hope Clark said...

Oh yes, hubby will be babysitting the dog. Luckily she is not a barker - very stealth. I'm looking forward to this while being very nervous all the same. That is the last major promo project of the year, then it's back to small promos and WRITING.

Linda O'Connell said...

Can you say, BIG TIME?! Congratulations Hope. I have a two hour presentation coming up. I can easily swing an hour, but I'm getting a wee bit nervous about two. If I dissect my time frame into fifteen minute segments (in my mind),it doesn't seem so overwhelming. That's my strategy.

Hope Clark said...

Linda - I freaked the first time I was asked to go 5 hours! Now I've done it a few times and lived to tell about it. Laugh with it, don't be so serious, ask the audience to get involved. It helps pass the time.
You'll be surprised it passed so fast. I actually got to the point I was worried I'd run out of time!