Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dog Fiction Wanted

American Kennel Club Fiction Contest is one of my favorites. The winners receive $500, $250 and $100 and will be published in the AKC Gazette and the AKC Family Dog publications. Entries may involve pure breds or mixed bred dogs. Limit 2,000 words. Deadline January 31, 2011, so don't delay. Only one entry allowed and no entry fee requested.

NOTE: I like the fact it's fiction. That's harder for dog owners because they want to write about their Fido, Rover or Spot. I'd write about Dixie, my blind dachshund. I swear I could write a children's book series about her. Dixie Goes to the Beach. Dixie Goes on a Boat Ride. Dixie Goes to a Writers Conference. Dixie's Christmas. If wasn't already writing mystery, I'd write Dixie books! (That's Dixie above - she's my doll baby.)

DOUBLE NOTE: Got the manuscript back to the editor - finely tuned to the best of my ability (thanks to some great readers in my writers' group). Do you know that four very loyal souls read the entire manuscript in a week and offered detailed critiques as I wrote through a few nights? Gosh, that's what you call friends.


Jenn Crowell said...

Thanks for the contest info!

P.S. I have a black-and-tan (longhaired) dachshund as well, who really needs to make some appearances in my work. Yours looks like such a sweetie!

graywave said...

LOL! I'd love to submit but they don't allow talking dog stories. The only one I have is a kids' story that features my Airedale terrier, Bertie. Like you, I think writing kids' stories about my dog would be endless fun, but I'm frying other fish at the moment.

Valerie B said...

Hope, I bet you would get a book deal if you pursued that. Especially if they made copies in braille for blind children.