Monday, November 22, 2010

The Disabled Shop Writing Competition - in search of a blogger, too

The Disabled Shop is looking for talented bloggers to write about disability and disability products. To find them, we are holding a blogging contest. What you can win:

•£250 in prize money.
•Publicity in our press releases and newsletter.
•The chance to become a professional (paid!) blogger.

1. Use an image at the top or in the body of your blog post.
2. Break up your writing with subtitles.
3. Write what you know about.
4. Consider writing about or mentioning one of our products in the body of your post. You don’t need to do this to win the competition, but it will increase your chances of being hired as a blogger.

We are open to any topics covering disability. If you are short of ideas, consider the following:

•living with disability
•innovation in disability
•product reviews
•gifts for disabled friends

The site is trying to identify a talented freelancer blogger or bloggers. They’ll award the prize based on the best post, but the blogger may be chosen on other criteria, for example the ability to write about a wide range of disability products and issues. Contestants should be over the age of 18. Contestants should either be disabled or have some connection with disability. Submissions can be submitted from anywhere in the world but payment abroad will only be made by PayPal. Posts should be between 250 and 750 words in length. No entry fee.

NOTE: Finding a regular, paying blog position is key in establishing a platform and building credits. I think this is smart to combine hunting for a blogger with a contest - especially since it pays and has no entry fee.

DOUBLE NOTE: OMG have these FundsforWriters Essay Contest entries been keeping me busy. I'm forever reading essays. They are stacked all over the house. And so many of them are dang good! This year is harder than the previous five years combined!

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