Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glimpse Correspondents Program - For Writers Traveling Abroad

The Glimpse Correspondents Program is for talented writers and photographers with a passion for storytelling and a knack for finding truly unique stories. The program is open to anyone who will be working, volunteering, or studying outside of their home country for at least 10 weeks. Writers do not have to be from the US. You just must be working outside your home country. Must be 18-36 years old. Upcoming deadlines November 28, 2010 and December 23, 2010. $25 processing fee. Correspondents receive the following benefits:

•$600 stipend
•Support from a team of professional editors
•Career training in writing and photography
•Guaranteed publication on and Matador Network

NOTE: Never seen this one before. A travel writer sent this to me. Age prohibited him from using it, and he thought the opportunity so sweet that he wanted others to see it. Thanks, Bill!

DOUBLE NOTE: My chapters are beginning to roll. I'm becoming particularly interested in e-publishing now. The business is exploding, and I'm attempting to keep up with the changes. I feel like this business is flapping its wings and blowing up dust everywhere. No telling what will result from the aftermath, once the proverbial dust settles. It makes me tired!

How does it make you feel? Or is it just me?

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Valerie said...

If you're not already a member, you may be interested in joining LinkedIn's e-book and e-publishing group.