Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute Contests - With Cookies! The Real, Chocolate Chip Kind

This contest is sponsored by Leah's Homemade Cookies. They will be awarding one dozen gourmet cookies to the first and second place winners. The winners will select the flavor of their choice, and Leah will ship them to their doorstep.

Contest Prompt:

Summer had resurrected the woods, fabulously so; as a result the house that Marley had dreamed of was nearly obscured by a riot of wild chartreuse foliage. Despite careful attention to direction, it had taken her longer than she had expected to find it. The house’s grey stone exterior blended with its ultra-natural environment. It had stood the test of time, two stories of fine craftsmanship built on the side of the mountain, accessible only by a winding dirt road. In contrast to the freely growing trees and ferns, the house’s flower beds were bastions of painstakingly organized gardening. Rosebushes climbed neat wooden trellises while daylilies, carnations and star gazer flowers were among those Marley was able to identify under the windows, where they erupted in rainbows of color that contrasted nicely with the surrounding greens, browns and greys of the forest and house. The soft crunch of tires on the seldom-traveled road signaled that Sarah was arriving as Marley knelt in front of one of the flowerbeds. Carefully, Marley reached for a particular blossom that had caught her eye and brought it closer for examination. She bit her lip in confusion, wondering if something was wrong with her eyesight. The flower was beautiful, but she couldn’t have said what color it was if her life depended on it. It was as if she was seeing a fantastic new color, something impossible…

Finish the story! (The above paragraph must be the first paragraph of your story.)

Deadline: September 31, 2010 (This is the new extended deadline.) Word Limit: 3,500. Winner Announced: October 15, 2010.

First Place: $50 cash, plus one dozen of Leah's Homemade Cookies (in the flavor of your choice).
Second Place: $25 cash, plus one dozen of Leah's Homemade Cookies (in the flavor of your choice).

Read more about the contest.

NOTE: Is that a heck of a prompt or what! Makes me curious to see what writers do with that. And the cookies are a very cute touch. Sure catches attention!

DOUBLE NOTE: Had a bumpy week or two writing. I think I'm back on track, feeling the energy, feeling the love. Just read a post by Victoria Strauss of Writers Beware. Love this..."Writers are like sharks; they can only survive by moving forward." I'm moving forward, people . . . and I'm a shark, so I'm moving forward with a purpose!


Rebecca Groff said...

Thanks for this little jump starting tidbit. I've been so over-involved with paid work writing lately, and then trying to deal with novel work and direction that I haven't left any room to just "play" with a new short story. This prompt invited me to take some time to play this morning, and my bike trail time and mowing time has just been producting all sorts of ideas and direction for the new draft that's comes to life today. Thanks for these wonderful little bits and pieces you put out in the world. I share you forward with anybody I know who writes (and some who don't!) All best.

Janny said...

There is no September 31, though. So is their deadline the last day of September, or the first day of October?


Rebecca Groff said...

There also are no submission instructions on this young lady's website-or even the mention of this contest. is left wondering....

Do you have any more specifics on this, Hope?


Hope Clark said...

My bad - - Here's the contest itself.