Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Writer's Market needs pitches

2011 Guide To Literary AgentsThe 2011 Writer's Market is in bookstores. Now they need pitches for articles on the business of writing for the 2012 edition. If you have access to a truly great writer interview, then pitch , but mostly they're looking for articles on the nuts and bolts of freelancing (i.e., negotiating contracts, handling taxes, and making pitches that never (or almost never) fail). Deadline August 31, 2010. Submission deadline August 31, 2010. Submit pitches to Robert Brewer at robert.brewer@fwmedia.com  with the subject line: Pitch for 2012 Writer's Market. No attachments. Send your pitch and a little information about yourself (that explains why you're the person to write the article).

NOTE: These chapter assignments normally pay pretty well. (I received payment for a piece in the 2011 edition of their WM Guide to Literary Agents.)

DOUBLE NOTE: I dreamed I had more chickens hatch out in my coop - chickens everywhere! The chicken hurt by the neighbor's dog is about recuperated. I even bought a cloth back saddle for her, to cover up where she was injured so the other chickens don't hurt her. My other neighbor says he wants to come back in another life as one of my chickens.


Susan said...

Looks like you live in the country, Hope. My paternal grandmother used to keep chickens. I was afraid of them when they pecked my ankle! Must be nice to have the fresh eggs, though. Susan

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for the info. Will give it some thought,
Karen :)

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