Thursday, July 08, 2010


Interested in the work of poets who are currently working on full length collections, be it a first book or the next in an ongoing career. A chapbook can be a bridge between projects that foreshadows a poet’s next move, or an introduction to a new voice that will soon be contending fiercely for first book prizes. They want to publish engaging literary works that are chapbooks in length only. Their books are beautiful, full color, perfect bound volumes with a unique registered isbn. One chapbook will be selected for publication and the author will be awarded $200 and 50 author copies. Submit 20 – 32 pages of poetry. Deadline August 15, 2010.

NOTE: Lately I've been asked for chapbook markets and competitions. They are a grand springboard for a career. So many poets have drawers of unpublished poetry. Here's a way to deal with them, in hopes of being "discovered." And $7 isn't much for an entry fee.

DOUBLE NOTE: I'm putting reins on the novel. Yes, I'm working on it, but the plot keeps wanting to spin out of control into so many tangents I can't keep up! Whoa there!

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