Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Deadline August 31, 2010. Top prize is a publishing contract
with Legend Press and £2,500. The award was set up shortly after Luke’s death in 2006 by his family to support and encourage the work of fledgling novel writers. He was the frist novelist published by Legend Press. Only adult fiction is eligble for this bursary, no children's books or non-fiction. Novels must be already completed before entry. Unfinished manuscripts will not be accepted. Please submit 3-4 sample chapters initially by email to .  Entrants must be age 16 or over. There is no upper age restriction for entry but all submissions must be from first-time, non-published authors – particularly those who are talented but whose personal or financial circumstances are making it especially hard for them to focus on writing as a career.

NOTE: Wish we had more opportunities like this in the US. However, this contest/bursary appears to accept entries from anywhere, so don't think you have to be a UK resident. It's a grant opportunity for someone.

DOUBLE NOTE: It's raining, I'm sore from yardwork, and I'm camped out at the computer. Yummy day.

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