Friday, March 26, 2010

Write a Commercial

Create a Go Daddy commercial that’s between 15 - 30 seconds long. You must own the rights to all materials (including music) included in your video. Go online download official Go Daddy logos and theme song for use in your commercial. Upload your video to YouTube. All videos must conform to YouTube's terms of service as well as to Go Daddy's official contest rules. Come back online, click the "Submit Your Own" button above the video player and fill out the form to enter your video. Two sets of judges. Two groups of winners! Enter by April 23, 2010. Voting/judging ends May 17, 2010.

1. Impress the judges and win up to $100,000!
Grand Prize: $100,000
2nd Prize: $50,000
3rd Prize: $25,000

Your video and marketing skills could pay off BIG with the panel of judges. Videos will be judged in the following categories: Overall Concept (30%), Brand Fit (30%), Script (20%), Production (20%). For more details, view Official Rules

2. Impress the community and win computers, camcorders and more from the sponsor DELL.
NOTE: I receive requests for this type of "publishing" or "production" opportunity, but I don't usually travel in those circles. I use GoDaddy, so this caught my eye. You know the commerials. They border risque and definitely have a trait all their own. They make me chuckle, I know that. Go to the GoDaddy site to see the commericals that didn't make the Super Bowl or are only available online, and you'll get a better idea.
DOUBLE NOTE: I knew a road trip would joggle my chapters. Nothing spurs my creative mind better than flying or riding long distance. My recent trip to Mobile, AL gave me great ideas.

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