Monday, March 22, 2010

Borders Stores Want You and Your Book Club

Borders' Michigan headquarters sent out official notices, posters and signs to all 507 stores to embrace the book club in hopes they'd be more inclined to buy more books.

Why do you think B&N and Book a Million have coffee, pastries and other light fare? Why do they have music? Business 101 states that the more someone hangs around your product, whether online or in a bricks and mortar store, the more likely they make a purchase.

It's a shame that Borders' had to figure this out after closing 200 Waldenbooks stores. I loved that store, and often boycotted the huge B&N across the highway because I liked the homey feel of Waldenbooks. From the time my sons were 7 and 9, they visited the store as a treat for good grades or a team sport win. Books were their candy. Now 25 and 27, they were disappointed when the local store shut down late last year.

Just goes to show you that even the big dogs don't always think with common sense. In their effort to be different from the other guys, they lost a lot of ground.

Regardless, they want book clubs now. I think it's a grand adjustment. As a writer, you might consider approaching Borders, asking if you can speak to those book clubs . . . and if they could carry your book. While they're on a roll with new changes, try to incorporate your book in the new order.


BECKY said...

Interesting! I used to love our little Walden Book store,too. When Borders joined the mall, part of the deal was to make Walden Books move out. Not too many years ago, we also got a huge Barnes and Noble that is across the street from that mall. I've shopped at both, but always thought B&N had much better customer service, knowledge and friendliness. Well, I've rambled on way too long! I agree, the book club idea is a great one!

Karen Lange said...

I agree, this is interesting. Wish I had one a bit closer to my home, but worth checking out the one that is closest. Thanks, Hope!

K9friend said...

We did a critique group at B&N for a while. It worked out pretty well until the group got too large!

Inspire All said...

This is a great suggestions for writers! I will also past on this information to the book clubs that I know of in my area. Once again thank you and I use to love Waldon books as well. I stopped shopping for books in person after they left the area for a while!

quietspirit said...

The Waldenbooks at our local mall was in a very tiny business room. No room for anything else. The last time I went to the mall by myself, I saw it was closed. That leaves the closest on about 15 miles from where we live. And I don't usually shop out of our town.