Friday, September 28, 2012

Do or Die

Barbara Younger asked me to be today's guest blogger at  "Friend for the Ride,"  but at first I was stymied. She asked that the subject have a woman-feel to it. On top of that, she wanted to give away two copies of Lowcountry Bribe to a couple of lucky commenters, so that meant incorporating Carolina Slade somehow in the post as well.

Then it hit me. Carolina Slade only wanted a routine of a life for herself and her children. Isn't that what most mothers want? Moms fight to create a safe environment for their families, maintaining a sense of stability, protecting that establishment so the kids can become the best they can be. We can be rather overprotective in that mode as well.

But sooner or later, life usually throws us a curve, then we get scrappy.

We fight to achieve a safe haven in our lives, where everything is predictable and cozy. I've done it. You've done it. When in reality, the bumps, potholes, danger and adversaries are what define us more. Slade spent many scenes in Lowcountry Bribe trying to simplify her life and protect her children from others, until the bad took over. Then she became a different person, assuming a tougher, more bad-ass role. She grew, her children grew, everyone around her changed. She was never going back to straight-laced and simple. So she had to adapt to the lot life dealt her, and do it with savvy and gumption, or she would lose.

Writing is the same way. We cannot have it simple, easy and on the straight and narrow road. This profession will not let you find success without serious damage along the way.

You will be accused of not being good enough. So you choose to become good or quit.

You will be rejected. So you choose to edit, resubmit, or quit.

You will be disappointed in sales. So you choose to sell harder or quit.

You cannot sit still in the midst of chaos and expect to win.

In Slade's case, she had to do or die.

Some writers feel the same way. Those same writers usually accomplish something. You have to bleed a little, fight the odds, collect a few scars, and scream at the struggle. Or you find some other way to spend your hours.

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