Saturday, June 02, 2012

Trailer for Lowcountry Bribe

For those of you just following the blog, who have missed the home page of the site, here is the book trailer for Lowcountry Bribe. My wonderful editor came up with this. It's short, simple, and just catchy enough. Enjoy.

Today I'm doing a wonderful book signing at The Edisto Bookstore, down the street from beautiful Edisto Beach, on Edisto Island, where Lowcountry Bribe takes place. I really look forward to this event since it's in the thick of Carolina Slade country, and people will be guessing if they can recognize the roads, the tomato packing shed, the fields and JT's Grocery Store. Chuckle.

Love it when people try to guess what's real and what's not. Earlier this week, I attended a neighbor's birthday party, and her FBI husband came up to me and said, "I can tell you really know Jesse Rawlings." I just smiled . . . because I so totally made up that character from scratch! That's when you know you really took a reader on a ride.

If you like the trailer, give it a thumbs up at YouTube!


Lisa Winkler said...

Very cool trailer! Great mood music. Well done!

Sioux Roslawski said...

I agree with Lisa. The music was spot-on. Especially the percussion at the end, when her kids were mentioned.

Yes, it's JUST enticing enough. Your editor did a wonderful job, Hope.

Barbara Techel said...

Loved it, Hope!

quietspirit said...

This is enticing. I caught the air of suspense with the music in the background.

Hope Clark said...

So happy you like it!

Wapiti Wisdom said...

Conceptually spot on, excellent post and it ties together at the point of focus.
Two production comments.
Your call to buy needs to be center and clear.
The final credit could be better proportioned to the frame.

I lived the trailer and the book. Hope is a wordsmith of the first degree. When does the next of the series publish?

Hope Clark said...

Finalizing edits now!

JL Cooper said...

Good solid trailer. Intriguing and to the point. The swirling effect of the music drew me in. Excellent casting, makes me want to see what happens to your characters.
Hope, I have enjoyed your blog & email for a long time and I suggest them to other writers. I wish you all the success with this book and many to come.