Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Write a Resume to Determine Where to Take Your Writing

Resumes are boring and we hate tooting our own horns. But nothing identifies your skills for employment faster than a well-honed resume.So what does this have to do with you . . . the author . . . the freelance writer?

Resumes are broken up into primary categories.

SUMMARY - What are you seeking in terms of employment? What is your goal? Who are you in a sentence?

A hungry freelance writer seeking placement in major magazines and online sites to build a credible platform.
A writer seeking author status in the field of contemporary mystery fiction.

QUALIFICATION SUMMARY - What makes you hire-able?

Extensive clips in entry-level publications and blogs covering subjects of parenting, business and gardening. Excellent communication skills with minimal errors. Positive personality demonstrated by written feedback received from five clients. A quick study of directions and guidelines as shown in a history of meeting all deadlines on time or in advance in approximately 25 cases. 

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY - Work performed.

Article title, publisher, date, link.
Book title, publisher, date.
Contracted assignment, client (if you can name), date.


University degrees.
Workshops attended.
Retreats attended.
Conferences attended.

AWARDS - Where have you been recognized as outstanding in your efforts?

All this is routine to the person seeking a nine-to-five job, but what do you want this to look like in one year, two years, five years, or ten as a writer? In each of these resume categories, analyze what you'd like to see. The problem with not defining our direction is that we lose our way, forget to focus, then look back and wonder where the time went with little to nothing to show for it. Instead of dancing from a novel to magazines to scripts to poems, without structure for any of them, set your number one priority with an established goal. Then number two. Then three. In each of these categories.

How will you identify and enhance your qualifications? What publishing and writing credits do you strive for? What education will you seek, and what awards will you attempt? Four simple categories.

Focus is hard for many people, often because it commands commitment, but that focus is the only way to improve. Just like a job doesn't come looking for you, neither does writing success. You have to develop yourself to reach out and get it.


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graywave said...

Hi Hope,

I just went to the site but I can't find an RSS feed link, just a registration button. I enjoy reading your stuff and get it in my feed reader, but I never register for sites because I don't want to be on people's mailing lists. Does this mean when your Blogger site is retired you won't be catering for people like me any more? (Unless, like me, they are willing to go to the trouble of subscribing manually to your feed.)

Hope Clark said...

Still trying to determine how to add an RSS feed to the new blog page, frankly. It's, and I'll still dealing with a huge learning curve. Ideas?


Coleen Patrick said...

This is a great idea--sometimes I need a reminder of my goals! :)