Saturday, February 04, 2012

C. Hope Clark's Blog Has Moved

 I've been sluggish the last two weeks posting to the blog, and a couple of people have asked where I've been. Frankly, releasing a book is phenomenal work, especially when you develop a website to go with it.

Introducing From , you can:
  • read my blog
  • find Lowcountry Bribe, my new novel 
  • learn about the Carolina Slade Mystery Series
  • link to FundsforWriters
  • sign up for my personal newsletter - C. Hope Clark
  • see where I'll be, where I've been, and who I've visited
FundsforWriters remains the same as it has for 13 years, but at C. Hope Clark, you'll see a new side of Hope. You're welcome to come visit.

The latest blog post at the new site is If You Rest, You Rust.  I've learned that taking too much down time just makes you work harder for what you want. Please come take a peek at the post, and sign up for most updates. I believe you'll find it most appealing. I'm proud of this new site.

See ya' there!

I'll be announcing the book ANY TIME now. . . as in a matter of hours. Stay tuned!


BECKY said...

Oh, Hope!! This is all so exciting!! I'm so happy for you!! I just hopped over to your new website and blog and it is wonderful. You're such a neat woman and I'm honored to know you!

Anonymous said...

I see your new blog doesn't have a feed which allows people to follow it with blog readers. With a sad heart, I'm therefore bidding you farewell.

Hope Clark said...

I believe the feed is in place, including Feedburner. Each little step is coming together - - - finally. If only Amazon and B&N would post the cover pic!

D.G. Hudson said...

Of course, will visit the new site. You must be sitting on pins and needles. . .waiting. (but it's a good waiting)

Julia said...

Unless you are far calmer than I am, Hope, I suspect you are all ajitter just now. Sorry about the unsolicited advice, but be sure to continue your long walks and chicken chats so you get some sleep and can glory in your big day.


Hope Clark said...


Slept like a log last night and am still tired today. Will have to start taking more breaks. You are absolutely right. I think that I'm due a movie - at the theatre - this week.