Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Writer's Workout - new release by Christina Katz

I've followed Christina Katz from the outset, all the way from her Writer Mama fame, before thousands of writers knew who she was. This new book demonstrates how far and wise she's become.  

The Writer’s Workout, 366 Tips, Tasks & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach serves as a daily devotional of sorts, giving you food for thought (and writing) that focuses on the craft, not marketing, not platform, not self-promotion. We tire of hearing how we need to be salespeople to be authors. Here's a sound and solid book that doles out small daily steps on how to become a writer who can't awaken each morning without wanting to spin words . . . and feel like he's on the right track doing it. 

Is your writing feeling out of sorts? Flip to Nurture Your Ideas or Trust Your Instincts. Can't get motivated? Go to Discover Your Rhythm or Run the 500-Word Dash. These 366 chapters are one page each, taking you all of ten minutes to read, reread, digest, and decide how to work it into your day's writing. Our craft is hard work, but Katz's book lets you learn in baby steps. You don't have to start at the beginning, either. Select what you need and read it, checking each one off until you've mastered them all. 

Highly recommended.   ~Hope

From the website:

The Writer’s Workout is like having a personal trainer for your brain every day of the year. In the age of information overload, writers need the ability to focus and feel satisfied at the keyboard on a daily basis. The Writer’s Workout greets you each day of the year with fresh advice that helps writers coach themselves to produce an impressive body of published work, whether in print or online. You’ll learn manageable, no-nonsense techniques for every aspect of your writing career from getting organized to connecting with your audience to relationship building.

The Writer’s Workout contains 366 tips for writers in every genre on how to:
  • Make your writing as strong and powerful as possible.
  • Pitch and sell your work at every opportunity.
  • Overcome rejection to come back better than ever.
  • Promote your work and build an audience.
  • Learn how to balance your creative life with your daily life.
Veteran writing coach Christina Katz draws on her knowledge from more than a decade in the business. With her no-more-excuses wisdom, you’ll find your stride and motivate yourself to career-long publishing success. The Writer’s Workout gives you substantial suggestions every day to help you build a robust, unique writing career.


Civil War Horror (Sean McLachlan) said...

"We tire of hearing how we need to be salespeople to be authors."

Hear! Hear! Writing forums are filled with people talking about how to sell, sell, sell, without ever mentioning how to improve craft. To sell something you first have to have something worth selling.

Robin said...


I'm paying attention to everything you say. This morning I enrolled in a writing class. I've made more true progress in building my career since I started reading your blog about a week ago than I made in 2011. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

Hope Clark said...

Robin -bless your heart! And good for you. Onward!!!