Thursday, May 05, 2011

Promoting Online Isn't Coasting

We hear all about platform, then scramble to purchase a domain name, establish a blog (with uncertainty as to its theme), and social network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc ad nauseum. We hate it. We often do it because we have to.

And all too often it shows.

Just as passion and love of writing exude from great works, a lack of passion and boredom is just as easily recognized. And not in just the books you write.

Your yawning online activity represents you. Readers like to know they are reading the works of dedicated writers that sacrifice to bring their best to the world. Your enthusiasm, adoration, and addiction to writing must be in every phrase you type, even if it's a late-night Tweet.

Imagine writing a book, getting it published, then going to a group reading of several authors, only to sit in the corner with a sign on a stand next to you saying "buy my book."

Respect for your reader comes in more that writing a good book. It means courting them with sophistication, style and love. It means promoting daily, remaining fresh, demonstrating you are in this for the long haul . . . for the readers.

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Anonymous said...

Great points here - thank you

Karen Lange said...

Haven't thought much about this but it's something I need to consider. Appreciate your thoughts, Hope.

Sarah Whitney said...

Good post! I chuckled a little when I read your example of an author sitting in a corner with a sign, but it's true. It's hard to make the transition from solo writing to the social promotion. But thankfully, social media makes that transition easier. :)

Dean Lappi said...

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