Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Barnes & Noble Shows Love for the Self-Published

If you use the PubIt! self-publishing program available through Barnes & Noble, B&N will create a bestseller list for you and your self-publishing friends in the "Read It Store" program, a platform in which Nook owners can read free content while inside a Barnes & Noble bookstore. In other words, if you trust B&N to publish with them, they'll use the brick-and-mortar stores to help you sell.

With the Nook taking ebook device sales by storm (my son bought one and adores it), this is a win-win for self-published authors. Frankly, I wonder why they haven't been doing this already. Amazon has embraced it's Kindle authors since the beginning - woeing them, courting them, making them feel welcomed. But hey...the point is B&N is doing it now. Good deal.

Amazing how opportunities have blossomed for the self-published. If you self-publish, you have all the opportunities in the world to make sales - online stores, easy e-commerce, blogs, twitter releases, Amazon release parties, blogs, ample book reviewers - gosh, no obstacles whatsoever.

Plan well, organize your promotional efforts, fine-tune that platform, and most of all, write a damn good book better than most anything you've ever read, and there you go. Success. I'm not saying it's easy. Just saying it's doable. And it's all on you to make it so.


D.G. Hudson said...

More bookstores should be doing this, embracing the self-published and partnering with authors/writers in their area. That's something unique that might keep some of them afloat.

Self-publishing is an option to keep in mind. I'm a bookstore lover, so anything that helps them survive - I'm for it.

Hope Clark said...

I've seen "local" bookshelves in bookstores, but never any self-published ones in the mix. I would think that bookstores could "proof" self-pubbed books and offer the good ones opportunity. Frankly, having a self-pubbed rack might attract attention, too.

Joe Duncko said...

Looks pretty cool. I may have to keep note of it for the future...

Anthony J. Langford said...

Thank you for the post Hope. And the info. It's all very interesting and tempting!

While I'm (still) holding off for the traditional path, I might self-publish my poetry as there are so few opportunities.

Thanks again.