Friday, January 21, 2011

Become a Travel Writer Contest

Deadline January 31, 2011, so jump on this offer. Imagine being a professional travel blogger! The following is from the Gadling travel website.

Welcome to the 2011 "Become a Travel Writer" contest. If you're a traveler and a dreamer – someone who reads Kraig Becker's stories about hiking in Nepal and thinks "wow, I could totally do that," or someone who took a trip to Puerto Rico last winter just to get in on a weekend backgammon tournament. If you're that sort of world savvy traveler, we'd like you to join us on our team. We're going to do this in a few rounds, but at the end of the day, here's what we're ultimately looking for in a new blogger:

At least 25 posts per month. You'll need to have the skills to cover the full spectrum of articles, from simple reblogs or coverage around the web-at-large to SEO original content to top 5 and 10 lists to longer-form, narrative travel pieces. A background in journalism isn't required, but demonstrated ability in web content creation and savviness is key. If you've got a blog, get it cleaned up and ready for show, or if you've previously created content before then dig up those links.

The final appointment with Gadling is a paid gig. The winner of this contest will be paid the same as other travel bloggers in our stable and are welcome to submit a dozen or so features each month for a higher pay rate. Your first three months on the team will be on a (paid) trial basis. If the relationship is working out then we'll officially add you to the team roster.

Gadling has a dynamic, attentive team, and we stay in laser sharp focus to the daily news and travel community at large. You'll have the support of our full team behind you as well as the AOL Travel team.

Press trips are occasionally permitted on the team and we'll happily consider sending you abroad after your sixth month on the team.

NOTE: This is a COOL offer. Very worth going for if you've ever dreamed or currently strive to be a travel writer.

DOUBLE NOTE: Picked back up on book three. I'm excited about it. Took my Chapter 19 to my local crit group last night and they liked it (and they don't like everything, I promise). Mission . . . book three done by summer. On another note, anyone have a great suggestion for a web designer? I want to start my personal blog/website - my mystery writer website (so exciting!).


Alexis Grant said...

What a cool contest! Thanks for sharing.

I can put you in touch with some web designers. But why wouldn't you write about your mystery stuff here? You've already built the audience! Sometimes it's better to do it all in one spot! We like the variety.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

i was just going to hit a reaction but I couldn't find an emotion to just say thanks for the info!

Hope Clark said...


Well, why didn't I think of that? I do want to consider a new format, though. Maybe wait until I have the book cover? I do have my name's domain reserved, so I'll still need a website, I think. Hey, email me with any ideas. Hey, maybe I can hire you!


Anonymous said...

If you need an excellent website designer, email

An example of his work is:

Good luck with everything! I've just recently bookmarked this site, and subscribed. It looks like it has great ideas for newbie writers like myself!


Eileen De Jong

Kelly Robinson said...

Thanks for this! I'm happy to report that I was selected as a finalist.

Hope Clark said...

Congrats!!! Send me an email with the details, and I'll feature you in the newsletter. How grand!


Debby Willett said...


So pleased for you with the book launch and wish you all the success. What can I say, except I'm thankful to have known you 'when'!

Are you going to include all the details in your newsletters?