Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why Law Enforcement Writing is Important

Kristine Meldrum Denholm and I have chatted online for a couple years now. We have husbands in law enforcement and both of us love to write, two strong connections. I pushed her to write for law enforcement magazines, especially with her past writing for ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agency). She did, and as a result she's taken up a torch for an unsolved cold case. Her blog speaks about that case, and about why writing law enforcement stories are important. I do believe she's found her niche.

In her blog post this week, she covers her mission - Writing the Terrible Tales. She's attempting to draw out anyone who knows anything about O'Neal Moore, a young black deputy killed in Louisiana. She recently sent me this plea.

I'm wondering if you could take a moment and read a couple of stories, and then possibly help Maevella Moore, a 75 year old police widow. I was recently "hit over the head" when writing an article for a law enforcement magazine about her husband. The result is an op-ed, about why law enforcement stories matter-- "Writing the Terrible Tales."

Police Magazine featured her article in their October issue -- "Chasing Ghosts In a Civil Rights Era Cop Killing. The FBI is reopening cases from the Civil Rights Era, including the 1965 murder of a deputy who was killed for being a black man brave enough to wear a badge in the Deep South." by Kristine Meldrum Denholm.

"Chasing Ghosts," is about the search for the murderer of the first black sheriff in Washington Parish, LA, in 1965 (Mrs. Moore's husband, O'Neal), thought to be the work of the Klan. His widow, 75, is still searching closure and justice. By bringing attention to the article, Kristine  hopes someone can make a phone ring at a law enforcement agency somewhere...closing this cold case.

Feel free to share either of the links on your blog, website, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Kristine can be reached at or her website . She is published in magazines, newspapers, two books and online. She's a contributing writer to Cleveland Family, Akron Family and Lake Family magazines,

NOTE: This is what I mean by finding a passion and a niche. Don't write what everyone else is writing. Find a topic that touches your being and learn how to make that niche your brand.


Kristine said...

Thank you SO MUCH Hope for featuring the cold case on your blog. To think that writers can lead to "the right person" seeing the story and finally coming forward with information...45 years later-- well, that is an awesome responsibility, and I'm touched that you saw it fit to spread the word. You're the best, Hope. Thanks for your continual encouragement!

Parental Revelations said...

Thank you Hope for bringing this blog to the forfront and the attention of everyone. I will be forwarding this blog entry and the information about Kristine's blog as well to all of my friends. The power of word of month is amazing. Hope I look forward to viewing your newsletters and new posts.