Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Micro Award

Monday I mentioned flash fiction. Here's another, only you have to have published a piece of flash in any type of writing to enter. The Micro Award is presented annually for a work of prose fiction written in English, of any genre, not above 1,000 words in length. The piece(s) must have been published in 2010. Deadline December 31, 2010. The winner and finalists will be announced on the Micro Award website on February 17, 2011.  The author of the winning story receives $500 US.

NOTE: I see no entry fee on the website, unless my tired eyes overlooked something. And don't think that your flash doesn't have a chance. Look at the past winners and where their work was published, and you see you have a chance.

DOUBLE NOTE: October is so much fun to me. Apple-picking, the beach (we like the beach in the fall, when the crowds are gone), the state fair, my birthday, and the clear, crisp weather. And it revs up my juices, making me want to write more. Brings me alive. Let's see what I can do with it!


Ellie Garratt said...

Thanks for the great competition link!

I love October too - days drawing shorter, leaves falling, a clearer view of the sea, and bright crisp mornings. Heaven.

anjie said...

Thanks for the tip. I just sent them some flash fiction I have up on Drunken Boat.

I appreciate your blog and its info. I've acted on a good handful of your tips.