Monday, August 09, 2010

Hallmark - It's a Teen Thing Contest (not just for teens!)

Hallmark is accepting entries for their teen line of cards, particularly birthday.

Create a card for a teen's birthday. It can be to a girl or a guy or one that works for both. Use photography, drawings or graphic design. Just make sure its a funny birthday card for someone 14-18 years old; applicable to many people; and cohesive (writing and images work well together).

You could win $250 and publication in the Hallmark line online. You could earn $250 more if they decide to distribute your card in stores nationwide.

Deadline August 22, 2010. Winners selected by August 31, 2010. Nationwide announcement made in October. Cards would be available in stores June 2011.

NOTE: If you are a YA author, this is a fantastic way to get your name known. Gives you a good chance to practice your YA speaking skills, too. AND . . . if opens doors to Hallmark for future card assignments.

DOUBLE NOTE: Hallelujah . . . my son graduated from Clemson University this weekend . . . no more children in college . . . time is my own for writing. Oh my gosh, I'm stunned. Don't know where to start first.


T. Powell Coltrin said...

Congrats on the graduation. However, as the children get older it becomes quite shocking HOW old they are.

Carol J. Alexander said...

You mean I have to be available when they're in college, too?
Seriously, Congratulations and blessings to the young man just beginning his lifelong journey.

Hope Clark said...

LOL - I think I preferred the daily routine of his younger years to the ups and downs, catastrophes and euphorias of his years in college. I can't describe the relief.

Ellie Garratt said...

Congratulations on your son graduating - you must be so proud.

Hope Clark said...

I am proud. He struggled his first few years, but as he matured, his efforts expanded as well. He overcame many hurdles. When he found us in the crowd, he broke down crying and hugged us like he never wanted to let go. Everybody around us was bawling. It was a cherished moment. No child ever loved a degree more.