Friday, August 20, 2010

Annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest

Time for the annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest. I adore this contest. Few contests allow the essay form (i.e., opinion, real experience, nonfiction event), and each year a few writers blow me away with some marvelous ideas, and equally marvelous writing.

Theme for 2010: "When Writing Made a Difference"

We want to know how someone's words made a difference. You could address another author of years long past, whose writing affected you, a classroom or an entire population. You might talk about a mentor's writing. Maybe your writing impacted someone else and altered one person's life or the lives of thousands. Did your writing finally sell and pay off the wolf at the door or send you on a grand retreat or vacation? Did your writing impact a child, a senior, a lover, a friend, or a complete stranger?

Here and now or sometime in the past? You or another author? Did you read the words or write the words that made a difference? You can take this topic and spin it in all sorts of directions, but the point we want to make is that words impact people. Let's hear your take on it.

We offer the same two categories as always - the $5 FEE category and the NO FEE category. Many writers do not believe in paying while others have no contrary opinion about an entry fee. Here we offer both so everyone has a choice. This way no one has an excuse not to submit.

Remember...this is an essay, a nonfiction entry. No fiction, no poetry. Entries are welcome from any race, religion, gender, nationality or other diverse group. Prize money will be forwarded via PayPal or check. (NOTE: If outside the US and inaccessible to PayPal, we refuse to spend more than reasonable postage to send it to you. No wires.)


$5 ENTRY FEE Category
First Place - $300
Second Place - $100
Third Place - $50

First Place - $50
Second Place - $30
Third Place - $20

Lat year we broke a record with 250 entries. The contest has grown, much to my delight. As as a result, the prize money keeps going up as well. And how many contests offer six paying prizes? This is a win-win contest if there ever was one.

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Ellie Garratt said...

Oooo. . .interesting. Is there an end date?

BECKY said...

Thanks, Hope! I know I've thought about entering this before, but I don't think I have. This year, I will!

Hope Clark said...

For all the details, go to - Deadline October 31, 2010.