Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cheerios New Author Contest

Cheerios is seeking the next great children's author. Deadline July 15, 2010. Submit an original story for a book for children ages 3 to 8. The winner receives $5,000 and a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster. Two runners-up receive $1,000 and publication online at the website. You are not eligible to enter and will be disqualified if you are a professional writer, such as a novelist, magazine, blogger or newspaper writer who writes books or articles for pay, or you have authored any work of fiction that has been published or is about to be published in exchange for payment.

NOTE: What a grand opportunity. No entry fee. The only catch is those of you who already earn money writing are not eligible. This is an annual contest. The books appear in boxes of Cheerios in the spring.

DOUBLE NOTE: I put children in my mystery novels. A thriller writer in my writing group hates them, but I'm  hell bent on my protagonist having kids. Too many authors don't involve kids (unless they belong to someone other than the protag) because it makes the story harder to tell. I want to show that having kids doesn't disconnect your brain so that you can't solve a mystery.


Carol J. Alexander said...

Good for you, Hope. I vote to keep the kids in!

Danielle Poorman said...

As a former Kindergarten teacher and mother, I firmly agree. Thanks.