Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Call for submission of personal accounts of shoe lovers and their adoration and ultimate obsession with shoes. The upcoming anthology, A Love Affair With Shoes (working title), will explore the journeys of avid shoe lovers through stories and essays written by women. Submit your 1,000-word story (or as close to 1,000 words as you can get) in the “body” of an email. Please no attachments to:
PrincessChick@Gmail.com . Each contributor chosen for the anthology will receive $100 (US) upon publication, a pair of Solemates, and a copy of the book when it is published in addition to the ability to join other contributors on a nationwide tour or other places they are able to make appearances. Deadline June 1, 2010.

NOTE: Oh what fun! And what a great writing prompt, too. Frankly, I'd love to see if a man could use a pen name and pull it off, but still, it's an interesting call for submissions. No reading fee.

DOUBLE NOTE: Donned my yard shoes (had to say something about shoes) and moved 23 wheelbarrows of mulch. So many earthworms! After seeing the tenth one, I retrieved a cup to collect them for the chickens. Wouldn't you know it? Didn't see another worm after that. I have to write at nights this time of year. It's too dang gorgeous to stay indoors when greenery and flowers are popping and the temperature is in the 70s. Feels like a long Easter, and I catch myself humming hymns.


Anne R. Allen said...

What fun! I definitely feel a story coming on...

Sylvia Hubbard said...

clicked on link but didn't get anywhere. could be my crazy computer though. thanks

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the writing tips, Hope. Have a beautiful, sunny day! Sincerely, Susan

Donna Volkenannt said...

Sounds like a fun anthology. Thanks for sharing the market.
Donna Volkenannt