Tuesday, March 02, 2010


SMARTHINKING, Inc. is now hiring motivated individuals to serve as part-time online writing tutors starting in August/September 2010. A Washington, D.C.-based education organization, SMARTHINKING, Inc. provides real-time, online tutoring and learning support to colleges, universities, high schools, and textbook publishers. Candidates can work from any location with computer and Internet access. Tutors typically work anywhere from 8 to 29 hours a week. To qualify, individuals must have substantial teaching/tutoring experience in composition and an enthusiasm for online education. The ideal candidate will have training and/or experience in one or more of the following areas: MA or Ph.D. coursework or degree in rhetoric, composition, literature, and/or English education; specialty coursework, degree, or teaching/tutoring experience in English as a Second Language (ESL); and/or teaching experience in developmental and first-year English composition courses.

NOTE: Wow, working at home tutoring writers. Is this a great job opp or what?

DOUBLE NOTE: I've fallen behind and I can't catch up!

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Karen Lange said...

Thanks for this info, Hope. Will check it out.

Falling behind, you too, huh? Aaack. Will let you know if I find the secret formula for catching up.