Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fast, Fun, Financially Filling Fillers

I was reading my latest issue of Sunset Magazine and noticed two very nice filler calls for submissions.


Create a recipe that uses fresh ingredients and can be made in 30 minutes or less. Receive $100 for each recipe published. Send original recipes to Include recipe title, its origin, ingredients and directions, plus your name, email, address and phone.


They seek an original recipe for an inventive weeknight dish that includes these three basic ingredients: chicken (any cut), tomatoes (fresh or canned), and feta cheese. From start to finish, including prep and cooking time, the dish must be ready in 45 minutes or less. You may add additional ingredients. Deadline March 15, 2010. The winning recipe will be awarded $500 and published in Sunset Magazine.

What? You didn' t know that recipes could be fillers? Read the fine print in little sidebar blocks in magazines. You'd be amazed at how many request jokes, anecdotes, tips, hints or news, usually paying anywhere from 50 cents to $1/word. Woman's World, Family Circle, Southern Living - lots of magazines.

Not sure how to write a recipe? Yes, there is an art to it. FundsforWriters just happens to have an ebook entitled Cooking Up Recipes in case you're interested.

Have fun!

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Karen Lange said...

Thank you, Hope, for this info. Mentally going through my recipes now! May check out your ebook too.
Have a good weekend,