Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Writer's Bucket List

I tend to like the term Bucket List instead of New Year's resolution. You get the feel of ticking off bulleted items instead of keeping some grandiose plan. I have three top items on my Bucket List for 2013 and several secondary ones to include promotional markets to break into and first drafts to complete. I'm itching to check one off, and as a result, I'm burning the night oil to achieve my first goal . . . hopefully this week.

But to a new writer the profession is so overwhelming with options that he has no clue where to start, or how many projects to juggle, or how the heck to develop a platform as a newbie. Author Dana Sitar released this week a grand e-book entitled A Writer's Bucket List, and if you're intimidated where to start as a writer, pick up this book. It's easy to read, it's clear to follow, it's motivating, thorough, and cute as heck!

Dana Sitar is a freelance blogger and indie author. She shares resources, tips, and tools for writers in search of a path at DIY Writing (danasitar.com) and on Twitter @danasitar. She has been writing professionally since 2010, blogging unabashedly since 2011, and traveling perpetually since she discovered that one feature article could purchase enough gas for a cross-country road-trip. She's asking one writer after another these days "What will you cross off your Bucket List in 2013?" And when they aren't sure, she knows what to say, because she's spend a lot of time developing this guide to create your bucket list, from a long list of ideas, many you never would have thought of. 

Per Dana:
A Writer’s Bucket List is a launching point for all of the possibilities of being a writer. Instead of another how-to on any kind of writing, this book is a“Why not?” for the writer’s life. The list is a combination of the unique steps that have formed the author's career and bolstered her creativity, and the things she still plans to try. The book offers some conventional and some unconventional steps on the path through a writer’s life, why they matter, and advice for getting started.

A Writer’s Bucket List challenges you and strengthens your creativity, encourages you to forge your own path, find your own education, and discover the type of writing life that’s Just Right for you. 99 tasks from the life of a writer help you get started in your unique journey, and step-by-step instructions, tips, and resources guide you through the toughest steps. Inspiration and bits of advice from top writers and bloggers in the industry are thrown in there, too, to fan the flames of your creativity!

For budding writers in search of a path, A Writer's Bucket List is THE kick in the butt you need to get started.

From Hope:
When a writer's been writing for a long time, she forgets about many of the writing possibilities out there. We forget what it was like when we first started. In reading A Writer's Bucket List, I chuckled at the common sense options I'd forgotten about. I told Dana this is such a handy primer, and I was impressed that she saw through all the hoopla and noise in the writing world that scares fresh writers, and developed this book. You'll enjoy her energy and enticing presentation, but most of all, as a new writer, you'll appreciate the direction.

And since I'm a sucker for a book trailer, here's Dana's. Don't you love her voice?

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