Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Leading By Example

I voted today. I've voted for every election, local, state or national, since I was 18. No matter where I lived, no matter what the office, no matter what the weather . . . I voted. I grew up in a military family, with several family members in civilian service as well. I worked for Civil Service for 25 years. My husband is now a retired federal agent. Son is US Coast Guard. The flag flies high in my backyard, on view for everyone on the lake. Hubby reminds us of Pearl Harbor Day, D-Day, and various other memorable dates that have meaning to free Americans. Yes, we are very patriotic, and no . . . if my candidate does not win, I would never consider moving to Canada.

I live in the country by choice. 

I am an author by choice.

Nothing in the publishing industry seems to come easy, and I don't agree with all its diverse decisions. About the time we adapt to one change, along comes another. So many styles of self-publishing. So many forms of e-book. Agent or no agent. Big Six or small press. Nook or Kindle. Public appearances or online promotion. Paper or electronic, or both. In actuality, the public decides what works and what doesn't. And because you don't like some faction of the industry, or dislike a hurdle that pops in your way to achieve publication, doesn't mean you turn mean and ugly about it, vowing to scream to the masses how you disagree, pointing an ugly finger at those who dare go against your line of thought. Plus, do your readers, people just seeking an enlightening and entertaining book, need to hear about the dirty laundry of your profession?

Who hasn't read a myriad of complaints on Facebook and Twitter about this year's politics? 

People force nasty remarks on their social media followers, which spawns a zillion caustic retorts, to include complaining about nasty retorts! They forget that they'd make a lot more headway speaking about the positives of their supported candidate than bashing the opposing one. Since when do we convince someone to change sides by belittling them? Such wasted energy that could be used elsewhere.

Maybe we can learn from this election year as we continue our publishing journey. 

Instead of hating Amazon, criticizing the self-published, or hating the New York publishers, try focusing on the positives of the route you DID choose.

There's a lot of truth to "learning by example." Nobody likes to have an opinion forced down his throat. But there's a subtle power in marching on with a smile on your face, knowing you made the right choice for you. People adore confidence and personal satisfaction, and if your choices in life make you happy, chances are someone else is going to want to be like you . . . using your choices to make themselves happy, too.


Karen said...

I love reading your blog. I'm not up to the point of publishing or even close, but your points always make me think about my life.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Hope Clark said...

Thanks so much, Karen. That's quite the compliment.

Mary Ingmire said...

Your politics are so refreshing! I think it was a Buddhist who wrote that when we speak and act disparagingly, we add to the evil already in the world. I never considered how that applies to publishing. Thanks!

Trisha Faye said...

Beautifully written! Thanks for being such a sunny spot in the day!

Terri Lynn Merritts said...

My husband, 19-year old daughter (first presidential election!) and I were thrilled with the presidential election results. We had been volunteers in the campaign. I too have voted in every election (and always vote early) since I was eligible. I have lived overseas in Europe and in Canada and while they are wonderful places to live and much more compassionate places that spend money not on the rich and on warmongering but on educating citizens and providing health care to all, it's hard to beat our beloved San Francisco though if the election had gone wrong, 4 years in Canada or Europe would have suited us. Those who actually have said they would do that this time around would hate it there as they do have real socialized medicine and no gun worshiping.

Karyn said...

Did you miss the part of Hope's post about the importance of refraining from forcing nasty political remarks on others? As she points out, the world of publishing is enough of a challenge. Let's be gentle with each other even if our paths take us on different journeys.

Hope Clark said...


Take another look at the post. Thanks.


Unknown said...

We won.
Why can't everyone pull together to rebuild our country and get all the bankers who caused the economic crisis to help by limiting their abuse.
Rebirth of America is positive.
We don't need the blood money and now that we won there won't be the increased bombings that Romney promised.
Let us start to recycle by creating an honest economy.
Reforestation of the Amazonic rainforest now. This region is the lungs of the planet.

Hope Clark said...


I suggest you reread the above post. You don't make friends (or believers) like this.