Monday, September 24, 2012

Show Me Yours and Somebody Else's

Hah, bet you thought I was going to say "Show me yours and I'll show you mine," didn't you? Nope. Actually, I was just introduced to something called Pimp and Promote at Writers in the Storm Blog and the simple concept set me afire!

Today this is your chance you brag about something writing related here, on my blog. Your blog? Your new book? A speaking engagement? What have you done you're proud of? Again, must be about your writing!

But the catch is this . . . you have to promote someone else, too! A blog, new release, new author, favorite author, a magazine feature . . . give someone a hand and promote him, too.

Let's call it . . .  PUSH and PRAISE.

PUSH meaning you're pushing your own efforts
PRAISE meaning, duh, you're praising someone else's.

For instance:

PUSH - I have several online guest opportunities this week.
  • One at Write Now! Mastermind on Wed, September 26 at Noon Central / 1PM Eastern.  
  • The other is on Friday, September 28, at a women's blog called FriendfortheRide
  • And  yet another blog post at Romance University on Friday, September 28 on Love and the Crime Fiction Sleuth (had a lot of fun with this one).

PRAISE - I follow a quaint yet intelligent blog called Bluestocking Ball. Elizabeth Boyce is a new author, and her posts are so smart! She's a historical romance author with three books under contract with Crimson Romance. She's just getting off the ground. Isn't her cover gorgeous?

So, tell us your PUSH & PRAISE for this week!


Kasie Whitener said...

Hi, Hope.

My push is Life on Clemson Road, my blog (, the last two posts of which tackle the down side to achievement and how to overcome that side.

Also, a guest post at Gerry Wilson's The Writerly Life called "Can People in Heaven Read Facebook?" ( in which I discuss the evolving use of social media.

My praise is for Racquel Writes. I follow Racquel Henry on Twitter and she's always got some useful links and tips for writers. Monday's is a list of writer opportunities.

Thanks for the clever idea. I'm on a blog hop this afternoon and am glad to have landed on this one!

Hope Clark said...

Kasie! I just signed up for your blog. Great stuff! Thanks for visiting and commenting. BTW, I'm within an hour of Clemson Road . . . outside Columbia, SC. The same Clemson Road? I'm in Chapin.

Susan Gabriel said...

Great idea, Hope!


--My recently published Southern Gothic novel, The Secret Sense of Wildflower ( received a starred review on Kirkus:

"...astute observations and wonderfully turned phrases, with nary a cliché to be found. She could be an adolescent Scout Finch...A quietly powerful story, at times harrowing but ultimately a joy to read." –

Kirkus Reviews (starred review) To read the entire Kirkus review go here:

--As a writer of novels for over 15 years, I’ve come up with lots of ways to keep myself inspired. I post these things on my blog (


--My praise would go to author, Jody Hedlund ( who has a wonderful blog and several books out. She writes about writing, marketing, and offers some inspiring posts, as well. She is very generous with what she knows and struggles with as a writer of many years.

Hope Clark said...

I love Jody Hedlund.

Nicola said...

My push is for my blog
exploring the mystery -
I'm having a great time learning how to write by writing about what I love -
wholeness and health, Tai Chi and Qi Gong and other mysteries.

I praise Tim Parks who wrote Teach Us How to Sit Still -
his very honest account of his dealings with pain. For him to learn to relax through meditation was a major task.
Buddhism and Christianity battle in his mind.
Don't take my word for it - get the book - it is worth it!

Hope Clark said...

Nice. Thanks, Nicola. You sound like you have your life in clear order from what you write and read.

Katherine S. Crawford said...

Hi, Hope! I've thoroughly enjoyed received FundsforWriters before I ever knew you, too, were a Bell Bridge Books author.

PUSH: My debut historical novel, Keowee Valley, is being published TOMORROW by Bell Bridge Books! I've been filling readers in on the path to publication--in the midst of trying to be a successful wife, mother to a 3 year-old, college professor and graduate student (your basic Wonder Woman) on my blog, The Writing Scott (
PRAISE: One of my dear and very talented author friends, Christine Byl, has an incredible first book coming out in 2013 from Beacon Press. Called Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods, it's a book of essays about her life as a "trail dog" for the U.S. Forest Service, building and maintaining trails in the national parks. She's a wonderful writer, and the book is available for pre-order.

Hope Clark said...


Congrats on the new book release! Just signed up for your blog notices, too.