Monday, February 06, 2012

Two Days of Craziness

Since learning this weekend that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bell Bridge Books went live with Lowcountry Bribe, I've been beating the keyboard, working, setting up things, changing things, promoting, answering congrats, etc. etc. Now that I have a small, short lull today on a Monday, my mind won't shut down for fear of forgetting something to do.

For those just learning about the release, Lowcountry Bribe is up for purchase. The novel I've spoken about, edited, pitched to agents, and rewritten for a publisher, has become a reality. Over a decade of work. This is a major bucket list item I can check off - publish a mystery via a traditional press.

And here is the gorgeous new website! C. Hope Clark's site –  In case you're wondering, it was designed by Shaila Abdullah at the House of Design. Such an eye!

The blog is moving from here at Blogger to my website, and you can sign up via RSS or email. There's also a newsletter that I promise will be no more than monthly, simply because I only have 24 hours per day. You'll also see where I'll be throughout the year, speaking and signing, hugging readers.

And I'm friggin' exhausted! LOL More posts to come on this experience, people. Seriously. The devil is in the details. 

I'm ecstatic, to say the least.L owcountry Bribe has been spinning in my head since 1998. Carolina Slade is a flawed and tough protagonist whom I've come to love. She grows in each book, always growing wiser, but always through her mistakes. The sidekicks and secondary characters could easily be alive in my life. I'd be honored . . . extremely and humbly beholden . . . if you chose to read Lowcountry Bribe. The new (did I say gorgeous yet?) website introduced you to the story, and upon signing up for the newsletter, you will be sent the first chapter.

I'm sharing, not pushing. It's just that my FundsforWriters readers are family, in my opinion, and who else do you think of first, when you have good news to share? Thanks so much.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations Hope! Off to order my copy. :D