Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Do People Find You?

List the ways that readers find your writing. Go ahead . . . I'll wait. See if you can name ten.

(Jeopardy song . . . )

How hard was that? Probably quite difficult, is my guess. We often dislike thinking about where we're bold, in neon, advertised for others to see. I was lining up a consult with someone once, and as usual, I asked for a list of online presences. He told me to Google him. He was only listed on the publisher's website and Amazon. Or rather, the books were listed. The writer thought that was sufficient, yet he wanted to consult with me how to get agents or publishers interested in his most recent manuscript. He'd written for years, but never told the world; instead, he'd banked on the hope that others would do that for him.

Here's a generic list of where people initially find you:
  • Your website 
  • Your blog
  • Your Facebook
  • Your Twitter
  • Your LinkedIn
  • Your writing clubs
  • Your previous magazine editors
  • Your previous guest blogs
  • Your speaking engagements
  • Your blog posts on other blogs
  • Your guest appearances online and in person
Notice that the above ways to find you, dictate that you be PROACTIVE. And it means that you KEEP being proactive. The minute you snooze, expecting others to spread the word, the word slows down and disappears. Ask anyone with an online business or multiple books in a backlist.

The only way for people to find you is to play Hansel and Gretel . . . and leave a lot of breadcrumbs.


BECKY said...

Great advice, as always, Hope! I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I think it is our only hope ;)

Cheryl Barker said...

Love the image you gave us, Hope, of playing Hansel and Gretel and leaving breadcrumbs. Perfect!

Janet Smart said...

I will try to leave more bread crumbs :o)

Zane Muizniece said...

Yeah, I always complain about my sister, she is an excelent photographer but nobody knows her, that she should advertise herself, involve herself in the world, until this moment it didn't acured to me that we are to be put in the same bag. Thanks for advie:)!