Monday, January 31, 2011


Some people love poetry slams. Well, here you have an audio literary work competition for those of you who love to speak as well as write your work. Thousand dollar prizes are nothing to sneeze at. Hurrah to The Missouri Review for stepping outside the box of most literary reviews.

All entrants receive a one-year subscription to The Missouri Review's Print or Digital Edition. $1,000 in each of four categories. Deadline March 15, 2011. Limit 10 minutes. Entries are accepted on CD only.

Voice-Only Poetry
Voice-Only Prose
Professional or Studio-Recorded Audio Documentary
Self-Recorded Audio Documentary

NOTE: Reputable and a great clip for your portfolio. Have you ever participated in a critique group where you had to read your work? You catch yourself taking on character personalities, raising and lowering your voice as action climbs and drops. Now you have a chance to make your literary work come alive. It's only ten minutes, which is nothing in oratory time. Very cool competition.

DOUBLE NOTE: Speaking tonight at a Columbia, SC group about how to get published. That's only thirty-five miles from my house. See? You can find ways to build a platform and not drive very far from home. Saturate your home town before flying across the country to make a name for yourself.

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