Thursday, December 02, 2010

Intergeneration Storytelling Contest 2011

International Storytelling Contest asks you to tell a story that involves your parents, grandparents, great-aunt, distant cousin or black-sheep uncle. Everyone has family stories that cover humor, horror, incredulous events, sympathy and sorrow. It's what makes families bond, split, develop personality. Just tell the story about multiple levels of your family, showing the interaction in all its glory and flaws.

Write a story, poem or song (fiction, non-fiction, or a combination). Feature characters from at least two generations. One illustration, such as a drawing or photograph may be included and will be considered when judging the entry. Writing suggestions include, but are not limited to:

◦Stories from an older person, like a grandparent, you have heard.
◦Stories you think you might tell your children or grandchildren.
◦Stories from history.
◦Stories from different cultures.

Cash Prizes:
1st Prize- $500
2nd Prize-$350
3rd Prize-$150

Deadline August 15, 2011. People of all ages are encouraged to enter. Story not to exceed 750 words.

NOTE: WIth the current economy, more families are living multi-generational under one roof. making for a wide assortment of stories to tell. College kids move home with parents, and grandparents retire and move back in with their kids. Mothers come for long visits with their married children. Adopted children run down their biological parents while still maintaining a tie with the adoptive parents. Aunts, uncles, greats and grands. What a rich well to dip from in writing a piece for this contest.

DOUBLE NOTE: I'm behind. It's only December 2 and I'm already behind . . . thanks to Thanksgiving and the FFW annual writing contest (a good thing, mind you -  very good thing). Sometimes you pay a price for holidays, in more ways than via a pocketbook and mega-calories. So it's long days from here on out to the end of the year. BTW, seen the winners of our contest? They are quite cool.

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Ellie Garratt said...

Another fantastic competition link - where do you find them all?