Friday, November 26, 2010

Boating Writers International Writing Contest

BWI is accepting entries to its 18th Annual Writing Contest that recognizes excellence in boating, fishing and travel journalism. There are 17 categories that each will award $500 for first place, $300 for second and $200 for third place winners. The newest category, “Original Online Content,” recognizes the best blogs, articles, videos, photos, podcasts, and social media streams. The Contest is applicable to the broadest spectrum of boating, outdoor and travel writers, and offers $17,000 in cash awards during the first round of judging that will be paid to 51 winners in 2010. Entries must be received at BWI headquarters (not postmarked) by December 15, 2010. $35 ENTRY FEE FOR NONMEMBERS. NO ENTRY FEE TO MEMBERS - MEMBERSHIP IS $35.

NOTE: That's a lot of money for prizes. Travel writers don't get many competitions, so jump in there, people. They even have an online/blog category. I live on a lake, and I know how rabid these boaters can be. Good stories galore. They can talk as exaggerated as any fisherman.

DOUBLE NOTE: Hit a lull with the novel. Then the dam busted loose. Holy moley, Chapter 17 shot out smoking! Chapter 18 slid right in behind it. I'm riding this baby hard now. Whew!

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