Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Moonlighting Cards needs submissions

Moonlighting Cards pays $25 for quotes up to 20 words. They produce cards that are kindly, intelligent, and appreciative. Inspirational, but not preachy. Off-beat works. Specializes in observations about life & food. Humor very appreciated. Quote should be for the FRONT of the greeting card only. The cards are blank inside.

If your quote is selected, you receive:

1) Payment of $25 (for nonexclusive rights).
2) Twelve greeting cards ($36 value)
3) The winning quotes (cards) featured on the website.
4) A list of stores that carry the cards in your home state.

NOTE: That's over a dollar a word, people!
DOUBLE NOTE: Trying to scurry and get newsletters done in advance. I'm headed to the beach for a week soon with Dixie and hubby to walk for miles, write for hours, and relax. I adore the beach, especially in the fall. (My bathing suit days are long over. I much prefer rolled up jeans and a sweater as the wind nips off gray, white-capped waves. So much more romantic and soothing.


Jessica McCann said...

What a fun opportunity. Thanks for finding and sharing gems like this!

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Sounds heavenly! And thanks so much for the lead. :o)