Friday, August 27, 2010

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residencies

VCCA is nestled away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The VCCA offers a chance to work privately but in proximity to more than twenty other artists with fresh insights, new ideas and stimulating conversation away from everyday life in quiet, spacious, light filled studios. Imagine horses in a pasture, barns, rolling pastures, foothill mountains, foggy mornings and cool evenings at a picnic on the grass.

June to September Residencies Deadline: January 15. Notification: mailed by March 31.
October to January Residencies Deadline: May 15. Notification: mailed by July 31.
February to May Residencies Deadline: September 15. Notification: mailed by November 30.

Artists are accepted at VCCA without consideration for their financial situation. The actual cost of a residency is $180 per day per Fellow. They ask Fellows to contribute according to their ability. With the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, VCCA also is offering a fully funded residency and a stipend to four highly accomplished artists, allowing them to focus on their creative projects. There are also fellowships offered for ethnic minorities. For the last two sets of residencies, the artists will be provided with a private bedroom, private studio and all prepared meals along with a stipend of $200. Artists will have no responsibilities or obligations other than to themselves and their creative work. There are also several other sponsored fellowships, with specific and diverse requirements.

NOTE: You will, of course, have to confirm you are a writer, probably with some published credentials or educational background. This is not a retreat for new writers.

DOUBLE NOTE: These are great getaways, but you do know that you can make your own retreat. Take time away to a national park, a room at the library, or even a cabin in the mountains or house at the beach. The key is to separate the time and place away from your normal world. If you are serious about your writing, you find a way to make this time to rejuvenate your writing efforts.

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Karen Lange said...

Thanks for the info, Hope. You've inspired me, too. I think I need a mini writing getaway. May try and grab even a few hours at the park next week.
Happy weekend,
Karen :)