Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Daily Bread: The Anthology of Workplace Humor Contest

NOTE: Sorry, but I was notified today that yesterday the company postponed the project. If you were interested in this opportunity, you might consider going to the website and saying so. I did. We need more humor opportunities for writers. ~ HOPE

They challenge you in 1,000 words or less to help make Planet Earth a funnier place. Share the workplace story that still makes you laugh out loud even years (or decades) later. Change the names to protect the guilty and give us your best shot. The goal is to publish a trade paperback book of the best stories––that way you and everybody you know can join in the fun and read about other people’s crazy experiences. Make sure your story is no longer than 1,000 words and written in English. You may submit up to three stories; however, they will publish no more than one story from an author. Entry fee $5.

1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $100, 3rd Prize $50.

NOTE: Everybody has one of these either written or seriously pondered. Heck, even embellish it, but we all know that the workplace is one of the best resources in the world for hilarity.

DOUBLE NOTE: My garden has taken over, and I can't see the ground! Good gracious summer leaped on us with both feet down here in SC.


P Shane McAfee said...

Looking at their site today (1 June 2010), the contest has been postponed. This will be worth watching to see if/when it is started again in the future.



BECKY said...

Hi Hope! Great to see this post! I'm definitely going to submit something. Is there a deadline that you know of? Thanks!