Friday, April 16, 2010

The Smoking Poet Short Story Contest
The Smoking Poet is a literary ezine published online on a quarterly basis. TSP’s third annual short story contest is open to all writers, whether they have been past contributors to TSP or not, and in any genre.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three stories: first prize, $300; second prize, $100; third prize, $50. All of the winners will be published in the summer issue of The Smoking Poet, online in mid June 2010. Limit $4,000 words.

NOTE: I love short story opportunities. This one is in its third year, so it's created a history now, making it more credible.

DOUBLE NOTE: I'm frequently a judge in writing contests, not to mention I sponsor an annual contest through FundsforWriters. Please, make sure you've edited your piece, rewritten it enough times to make it shine. I'm constantly amazed at how much premature work is submitted to contests. Good work doesn't magically happen. When someone asks me if it's good, I know they haven't worked it enough. They feel it's good if they've poured their life's essence into it.


Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Already have my entry in. I look forward to this magazine every quarter. Glad to see you spreading the word about it.


Zinta Aistars said...

Thanks so much for helping us spread the good word about The Smoking Poet! Our annual short story contest is one of our main events. Reading submissions now.

Zinta Aistars
The Smoking Poet

Lynette said...

I didn't see an entry deadline for the contest.

Hope Clark said...

On the website, they state May 31, 2010. Always go to the source when entering a contest. I just provide teasers on the blog.